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The Little Orange Book Resource and Audio

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The Little Orange Book Audio and Book Resource is a flexible and unique supplementary resource for professionals working with teens and young adults in a variety of roles, presented in a hard wearing wiro-bound A4 book and USB stick containing the audio files. 

For use with teens and young adults aged 14-25 years

Resource contains:

Over 20 real poems written by a child experiencing child abuse, grooming and violence, performed and spoken by Jessica Eaton (Audio files stored on USB stick)

45 session plans, themes, conversation ideas and activities to use with each poem

Full content warnings and guidance of ethical and trauma-informed practice when using the resource

Tips and guidance for professionals using the resource 

No graphic imagery, videos or descriptions of sexual violence 


Topics covered by resource:

  • Relationships and friendships in adolescence 
  • Exploring new relationships, dating and crushes 
  • Controlling relationships
  • Grooming behaviours of abusers 
  • Self-esteem and self-love 
  • Myths about love and romance 
  • Coping mechanisms for abuse 

This resource may not be suitable for children or adults with learning disabilities and should be checked by specialists to check for suitability before use.