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Study report: 'I thought it was just a part of life' - Understanding the Scale of Violence Committed in the UK Against Women Since Birth - print format

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The report of initial findings is available for free as a PDF:

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You can also order the report in print format on this page. 

Understanding the true scale of violence against women and girls in the UK

We found that 99.7% of our sample had been repeatedly subjected to violence including assaults, harassment and rape. Only 0.3% of women had only been subjected to one violent incident or less.

Our findings suggest that current statistics of the prevalence of violence against women have been underestimated for decades, and instead, it is likely that every woman and girl will be subjected to violence, abuse, rape or harassment. In the vast majority of cases reported here, women were subjected to multiple crimes and the perpetrators were overwhelmingly male.

This reports contains our initial findings together with recommendations by sector. The full report will be available later this year.