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Investigating the Explanations & Impact of the Hypersexualisation & Objectification of Children - Bite-Sized VictimFocus Academy Course

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Course description
Need a quick refresher? Looking to expand your knowledge and understanding at a pace that fits into a healthy work-life balance?

Join VictimFocus Academy for this bite-sized course on investigating the explanations & impact of the hypersexualisation & objectification of children.

We will:

-Examine the various ways society objectifies children of all ages
-Break down this impact on different age groups
-Look at the sources of hypersexualisation and how to discuss it appropriately with children
-Learn the theories and explanations of sexualisation of children
-Apply these to child protection and safeguarding principles
-Understand how hypersexualisation and objectification impacts children's self perceptions
-Clarify how this links to our understanding of CSE and CSA
-Think of ways to "plug the gaps" in safeguarding

Each section of the course should take about 10-15 minutes to complete, with a short quiz at the end.

Join us for this quick, interesting introduction to the topic, with an opportunity to learn more in our more in-depth course, The Hypersexualisation of Children, giving you a further 15-20 hours of learning.