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VictimFocus is proud to present this resource written by Neuropsychologist Rachel Marchant, Illustrated by Alex Craig and editing by Psychologist, Dr Jessica Eaton.

Resource is suitable for clients aged over 16 years old who report any kind of hallucinations, experiences or feelings that they want to explore further.

Hallucinations include visual, auditory, olfactory and sensory. 

This resource will help you to explore:

  • What do the hallucinations feel like?
  • What emotions come with them?
  • What emotions are felt before they begin and after they end?
  • What message or purpose does the hallucination have?

The Hallucinations Professional Resource and Flashcards Set comes in two parts:

  • A professional handbook authored by a specialist neuropsychologist, Rachel Marchant 
  • A set of colour-coded, simplified illustrations of emotions and reactions to hallucinations of all kinds to use with your clients 

The handbook contains key research, explanations, theories, evidence and advice for working with clients who tell you that they experience hallucinations

The flashcards create a structured way to discuss and explore their hallucinations in a trauma-informed, anti-stigmatising approach that does not seek to medicalise or diagnose the client. The resource instead helps the client to talk about and understand their hallucinations from a humanistic perspective.

This resource is currently being finished and will undergo professional peer review before you receive it in July 2019. Buy now on pre-order and your resource will be shipped to you as soon as it is released.