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We have created digital versions of some of our best selling products as well as introducing some brand new ranges of digital flashcards!

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The Practical Resource for Professionals

A multi-use resource dedicated to helping you through your journey as a professional!

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Our most popular courses and online training programmes...

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  • "I have gained some powerful insights from the course into my own childhood experience and how it still shapes my world all these years later"

  • "This course has re-centred me in my own life. It has given me the tools I need to re-evaluate what my needs are not only from the perspective of what feels good (which can be deceiving), but what is logical and rational too. I thank you for that"

  • "There are so many answers to so many questions that I've had for so long but never seem to get a straight direct answer to; until now"

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VictimFocus Train the Trainer


We are dedicated to changing the way we portray and support victims of abuse, violence and trauma all over the world.Would you like to join us?

Become a VictimFocus Accredited Trainer today!

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VictimFocus APTI Advocate


Do you want to learn how to become an independent trauma advocate who challenges the medical model of mental health in your work?

Do you already work with children or adults, and you are concerned that they are being labelled and pathologised as mentally ill or disordered when in fact, they are distressed and traumatised?

Become a VictimFocus APTI Advocate today!

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Did you know we make resources for children?

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Pay it Forward - Help someone in need

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