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Breaking down your self-blame: 40 helpful quotes and questions - Pre-order now

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VictimFocus is proud to present this new, innovative self-help resource for 2022. 

When something bad happens in our life, or we are treated badly by others, one of the most common responses is to blame ourselves. Self-blame can stay with us for years, whilst we question whether we did something to deserve the event or the treatment from others. 

This set of 40 beautifully designed cards contain inspirational quotes, ideas, and self-help questions to encourage children (12+) and adults to explore and process their feelings of self-blame from any experience or trauma. 

The cards can also be used in professional and student training and education, for group work, workshops, games and team building for organisations working in relevant sectors. 

Each box of flashcards comes with a booklet.

All VictimFocus Resources are free or affordable. This item is £14.99. 

This product is currently on pre-order. The release date for all pre-orders is 10th November 2022.