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Healthy Relationships and Ethical Sex Education: Secondary School KS3-4

Healthy Relationships and Ethical Sex Education: Secondary School KS3-4

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The Secondary School and Home Guide
Ethical Sex and Relationships Education
For Young People Aged 11-16 Years

The aim of this resource is to help young people aged 11-16 develop an in-depth understanding of their bodies, intimacy, sexual activity, and healthy relationships.

Within this resource there are sessions that can be completed in the following ways:

  1. Independently by the young person
  2. By the young person, supported by an appropriate and trusted adult
  3. Facilitated by an appropriate adult within an education/support setting


Section 1: Reproduction and Menstruation 
1.1 Reproductive Systems and Genitals 
1.2 The Menstrual Cycle 
1.3 Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes 

Section 2: Puberty, Body Hair, Health, and Hygiene 
2.1 Puberty 
2.2 Body Hair 
2.3 Health and Hygiene 
2.4 Concerns and Worries 

Section 3: Image and Identity 
3.1 Body Image 
3.2 Gender Norms and Identity 

Section 4: Sex, Consent and Pleasure 
4.1 Consent 
4.2 Sexual Preferences and Sexuality 
4.3 Types of Sexual Activity 
4.4 Sexual Pleasure and Wellbeing 
4.5 Masturbation and Pornography 

Section 5: Sexual Protection, Myths and Language 
5.1 Contraception 
5.2 Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases 
5.3 Myths About Sex 
5.4 Appropriate Language 

Section 6: Relationships, Abuse and Seeking Support 
6.1 Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships 
6.2 Abuse 
6.3 Grooming
6.4 Online Safety 
6.5 Seeking Support and Disclosing Abuse 

Section 7: The World We Live In 
7.1 Equality and Discrimination 
7.2 Victim Blaming and Self blame 
7.3 Feminism and Misogyny 

Section 8: Authority, Empowerment and Reflection 
8.1 Power, Control and Authority 
8.2 Empowerment and Assertiveness 
8.3 Self-Reflection 

Final Thoughts 
Frequently Asked Questions 
Answers Page

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