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VictimFocus are proud to present the ‘Healthy Relationships Measurement Tool’. A resource to measure and respond to the attitudes & views of children & young people towards sex, relationships, and abuse. 


This vital resource is designed for teachers, social workers, and other youth workers to gauge the understanding and views of the children & young people they work with to look at sex, relationships, and abuse. 


The resource contains an exclusive new attitudinal measure questionnaire for children aged 11+, which can anonymously completed and submitted. 


From the answers provided by the class or year group, teachers or other professionals can begin to explore which attitudes and areas of knowledge need further attention. 


This includes abuse norms, sexual harassment, misogyny, racism, homophobia and much more. 


The tool will guide you through where these views and biases may come from, and explanations of them. 


The Healthy Relationships Measurement Tool also provides a series of interactive, fun, and interesting educational session plans tailored to the outcomes of the measurement tool, that you can roll out as and when needed, before re-testing children with the questionnaire to measure their progress, knowledge and attitudes.