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Indicative Trauma Impact Manual 2023 (ITIM)

Indicative Trauma Impact Manual 2023 (ITIM)

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Indicative Trauma Impact Manual

ITIM for Professionals - First Edition 2023

A non-diagnostic, trauma-informed guide to emotion, thought, and behaviour.

This must-have manual presents the first trauma-informed, non-diagnostic alternative to other manuals of mental health issues and psychiatric disorders. Rather than lists of disorders and medicalised symptoms, this extensive manual provides information about hundreds of trauma responses, emotions, thoughts, behaviours and experiences that have previously been categorised as illnesses and disorders. 


This world-first trauma-informed manual equips progressive professionals with evidence-based, anti-oppressive, anti-blaming and non-diagnostic information about a wide range of human emotion, thought, and behaviour. Building on the quickly growing consensus that trauma-informed, anti-oppressive practice is vital to the way we understand society, ourselves, and our clients; this book provides the first comprehensive alternative to diagnostic manuals. 

The Indicative Trauma Impact Manual (ITIM) is suitable for:

  • Medical professionals 
  • Social workers
  • Therapists and counsellors 
  • Support workers 
  • Emergency services professionals 
  • Academics and students 
  • Teachers and education professionals 
  • Caseworkers 
  • Legal professionals 
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists 
  • Health care professionals 
  • Any other professionals working with people in distress, trauma or crisis 

The manual describes, explains, and explores everything from nightmares to self-harming in an A-Z of emotions, thoughts and behaviours that are common in traumatised and distressed people. This edition also includes diagrams, theories and peer reviewed evidence throughout. 

Peer review was undertaken in February and March 2023 with 30 clinicians, professionals, academics and those with lived experience of trauma. 


This book is also available for worldwide purchasing on Amazon Prime from April 2023. 

For US customers, the Amazon Prime link is here 


Quotes from reviewers  

“As a family law barrister and academic, I have long been concerned about the pathologisation of women in care proceedings and private law children proceedings. Often medical experts are appointed in family law cases to opine on their mental health, making diagnoses that women never knew existed before proceedings had commenced. This book highlights that the dominant model of mental health is the “medical model” in that there is a need to label women and use the courts as a legitimate means to label women. The book is a really clear breakdown of the different approaches to mental health, offering a nuanced perspective that is well-evidenced and backed up. Breaking down key human emotions and physical responses and highlighting that they are normal responses to trauma, helpfully dispels myths that continue to be propagated widely in society generally.” – Dr Charlotte Proudman, Barrister and Academic, Director of Right to Equality


“In my opinion, the A-Z exhaustive list of trauma responses and coping mechanisms is the highlight of the manual and most valuable for clinicians and the general public. Understanding the vast range of reactions as a means of coping with trauma/stress allows for the shift in thinking from “symptoms” of a disease/disorder orientation to normal and expected ranges of reactions given ones history and exposure to stressors. This in itself would be revolutionary.” – Dr Roger McFillin, Licensed Psychologist, Executive Director of Center for Integrated Behavioral Health


“I started reading and couldn’t put this down, all I can think is that I wish I had this 30 years ago when I was working with survivors so they could see in writing they were not crazy. I wish I had it to show judges and child welfare workers so they would understand the abuse they were inflicting on the mom they were forcing to take drugs to get her kids back (be med compliant). So many women could have picked this up and found themselves and said “I’m ok, I’m not crazy”. I think of all the women I have seen go through shelters who can be shown this and be told their abuse is real.” – Carol Wick, Trauma Therapist and President of Sharity Global


“As the authors say at the outset, “Everything must start somewhere” and this book is an excellent beginning to broaden thinking in a trauma informed way. It is a resource for practitioners who are prepared to be open minded and who want to understand more about human experience generally and the impact of trauma specifically. It has so much to offer in terms of learning, all provided with a sound evidence base. There truly is something for everyone.” – Fiona Gwinnett, CEO of Wight DASH 

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