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Tickets: Exploring a Trauma-Informed Revolution for Women and Girls - UK ITIM Tour 2024

Tickets: Exploring a Trauma-Informed Revolution for Women and Girls - UK ITIM Tour 2024

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Let's work towards anti-pathology, trauma-informed understanding for all women and girls subjected to violence, abuse and trauma. Change starts here!

We are so excited to be travelling around the UK in 2024, delivering over 6 days of training and seminars to professionals and members of the public who follow our work.

About the events 

In these open events, we will be discussing the evidence for pathologisation of women and girls in all systems of power, from criminal and family courts through to medicine and mental health. We will explore why women are labelled as hysterical, emotional, mentally ill and problematic - and how this leads to oppression, discrimination, and victim prejudice when they disclose domestic abuse, child abuse, coercive control, or sexual violence. 

Spend the day engaging in an interactive, discussion-centred, evidence-based workshop in which we challenge everyone to consider what we can all do to stop the global medicalisation and pathologisation of women’s trauma and distress. 

Our teaching style is conversational, open, frank and inclusive. You do not need to be an academic or professional to attend, but our events will greatly assist professionals, students, academics and those with an interest in women’s experiences of trauma, distress and abuse. We will include links and access to free trauma-informed resources and evidence for all delegates. 

We cannot wait to meet you all! 

Delivered by Dr. Jessica Taylor and Jaimi Shrive


Book your tickets below for: 

  • London (SOLD OUT) - 27th February 2024  10:00 - 16:00
  • Exeter - 28th March 2024  10:00 - 16:00
  • Belfast - 2nd April 2024  10:00 - 16:00 
  • Glasgow - 8th May 2024  10:00 - 16:00
  • Manchester - 14th May 2024 10:00 - 16:00
  • Birmingham - 5th June 2024  10:00 - 16:00

Please note: Each venue is different, and will be released to ticket holders 2 weeks before the event. All events will be in central city venues. 

Ticket price includes

  • Access to the event (events run 10am-4pm)
  • Book signing session 
  • Discount codes for VictimFocus resources and training 
  • Opportunity to buy discounted copies of ITIM on the day  

About the events Dr. Jessica Taylor, Jaimi Shrive & VictimFocus

Dr Jessica Taylor, FRSA, PhD, Director of VictimFocus, Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Specialist in Victim Blaming, Self-Blame and Recovery from Sexual Violence, Chartered Psychologist, Researcher, Consultant, Speaker, Activist.

Jaimi Shrive, Jaimi Shrive is a Doctoral Researcher undertaking a PhD in Politics, specialising in the way international and national politics changes the way governments respond to violence and abuse committed against women and girls. She is a trainer, public speaker, and writer, creating educational resources for professionals who work in trauma, abuse and violence. She is the co-author of several public and confidential reports on the impact of violence, abuse, vicarious trauma, and misogyny in policing, and social care services.

They co-authored the Indicative Trauma Impact Manual and together they will deliver workshops guaranteed to impact and inform your work with clients using trauma informed approaches while navigating the challenges this can present.

VictimFocus works internationally to challenge the victim blaming and pathologisation of victims of abuse, violence and trauma. 

Their work often attracts positive media attention from a huge range of national and international outlets with their media and social media reach averaging over 1.5 million each week, and over 250k followers.

VictimFocus are a leading training and research organisation in the UK, specialising in combatting victim blaming and prejudice by working directly with police forces, social care, health services, charities and psychological services to improve the response to women and girls subjected to abuse and trauma.  

VictimFocus consult on storylines of TV dramas, misogyny in the British music industry, and true crime documentaries. Their research has been discussed on The BBC, Sky, and ITV News, Loose Women, CNN, LBC, GBNews, Rolling Stone Magazine, Al Jazeera, France24 and many more. VictimFocus’ CEO, Dr Jessica Taylor, has worked and appeared on documentaries and shows for Netflix, MTV, Amazon Prime, The BBC, Channel 4 and many others.

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