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Just World Belief Flashcards and Resource

Just World Belief Flashcards and Resource

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VictimFocus is proud to present this new, innovative resource

This set of 22 beautifully illustrated flashcards and resource booklet contain two types of statements from both men and women:

  • Pro-belief in a Just World
  • Anti-belief in a Just World

Each card contains a provocative statement that can be used with adolescents and adults to help them to identify, discuss, challenge and process social and personal beliefs of justice and fairness in the world.

Belief in a Just World (also known as BJW or Just World Belief) is a common bias people hold that the world is a fair and just place in which you get what you deserve and you deserve what you get. This can lead to adolescents and adults believing that only bad things happen to bad people - and only good things happen to good people. 

These beliefs have been found to contribute to victim blaming, self-blame, crime-supportive beliefs, discrimination, attitudes to justice, sentencing and social movements.  

Use the cards to explore and debate beliefs such as 'Bad things only happen to bad people' and 'The world is a fair place to live'.

The cards can also be used in professional and student training and education, for group work, workshops, games and team building.

Each box of flashcards comes with a booklet and a free downloadable PDF which contains ideas of how to use the cards and how to talk about belief in a just world.

Based on three years of Jessica Eaton's psychological research into victim blaming and self blame, this resource is unique, evidence-based, peer-reviewed by academics, practitioners and people subjected to abuse and oppression.

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This item is £19.99 *including the flashcards, booklet and the free PDF resource for professionals

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