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My Ideal Relationship Cards

My Ideal Relationship Cards

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VictimFocus is proud to present this new, innovative resource for 2022

Each card contains a quality of a healthy or unhealthy relationship that can be used alone as a self-help tool, or by professionals working with children (12+) and adults to help them to list what they want in an ideal relationship. 

Respect? Loyalty? Attraction? Sense of humour? Wealth? 

Shuffle the cards and pick them out one by one, considering how important each relationship quality is to you or your client. Alternatively, pick 10 cards and order them into a pyramid of priorities, with the most important relationship quality at the top of the pyramid. 

The cards can also be used in support, therapy, professional and student training and education, for group work, workshops, games and team building for organisations working in relevant sectors. 

Each box of flashcards comes with a booklet and a free downloadable PDF which contains ideas of how to use the cards.

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This item is £19.99 *including the flashcards, booklet and/or the free PDF resource for professionals.



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