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Pathologisation Temperature Check Tool A4 Poster

Pathologisation Temperature Check Tool A4 Poster

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Are you frustrated by the stigma and discrimination that you or your colleagues face in your workplace? Do you want to create a more supportive and empathetic culture for everyone? If so, you need the Pathologisation Temperature Check Tool Poster!

This poster is a simple and effective way to measure the level of pathologisation in your company. It features a thermometer with different degrees of unfair or wrong judgments, from subtle stereotypes to blatant labels. You can use it as a self-assessment tool, a conversation starter, or a training resource.

The Pathologisation Temperature Check Tool Poster is designed to help you:

  • Identify and challenge pathologising attitudes and actions
  • Raise awareness and educate others about pathologisation
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in your workplace
  • Create a safer and more comfortable environment for yourself and your colleagues

The poster is printed on high-quality A4 paper with vivid colours and clear text. It is easy to hang on any wall or bulletin board. It is suitable for any professional setting, such as offices, schools, hospitals, or nonprofits.

Order your Pathologisation Temperature Check Tool Poster today and take the first step towards a more respectful and inclusive workplace!


  • Experience art that feels silky to the touch with our high-quality, lighter-weight, semi-glossy paper.
  • This is an unframed print
  • We use 170 gsm FSC-certified paper or equivalent certifications. It’s better for the people and the planet.
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