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SIGNED & personalised: Woman in Progress: The Reflective Journal for Women and Girls Subjected to Abuse and Trauma

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This is an exclusive signed paperback. Your book will be signed by Dr Jessica Taylor and will include a personal message of your choice (if requested).

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This journal has been created for women and girls who would like to explore and reflect on their personal experiences of trauma, abuse or harm they have been subjected to by others.

Every experience of abuse or trauma is unique. Our feelings, thoughts, memories and bodily responses mean different things to all of us. Whilst many women and girls have lived through violence, abuse, oppression, trauma and fear – lots of us still have unanswered questions, memories which need to be processed and feelings which need to be understood.

Inside this journal you will find hundreds of reflective writing, doodling and thinking tasks which you can do in your own time, at your own pace. Whether you are using this journal alongside therapy or whether you choose to work through this journal in private, you can use this space to process the experiences you have been through.

This journal will encourage you to reflect on your own experiences, feelings and thoughts.

Some examples of reflective tasks in this journal:

Write a letter to the perpetrator, telling them why you refuse to take any blame for what they chose to do
Draw yourself rising above societal expectations of you
Write about a time when you felt confused about what had happened to you
How did your world view change after the trauma?
List all of your personal accomplishments here

This personal journal is for any girl or woman subjected to abuse and trauma who is ready to process and explore her own thoughts on her own terms.