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The Reflective Journal for Practitioners Working in Abuse and Trauma

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The Reflective Journal for Practitioners Working in Abuse and Trauma 

Created by Dr Jessica Eaton


This unique new book is for anyone volunteering or working with children or adults who have been abused, traumatised or harmed. 

If you work in a role in which you support children or adults, critical reflection is vital to remaining effective, ethical and on top of your game. 

Inside this journal, you will find hundreds of questions, reflection tasks and critical thinking exercises to help you to reflect on your current cases, your own wellbeing, vicarious trauma and your self-development. 

Fill your journal in to learn more about yourself, your practice and your own values.

This must-have journal contains reflective exercises for you to doodle, scribble and write about how you are feeling, how your cases are progressing, how to break down barriers and blockages, how to reflect on your own history and experiences and how to give your best self without burning out. 

A game-changing reflective journal for everyone who is ready to dig a bit deeper. 



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