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Psychology of Victim Blaming and Self Blame - VictimFocus Academy Online Course

Psychology of Victim Blaming and Self Blame - VictimFocus Academy Online Course

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Course description
Approximately 15-20 hours of CPD accredited learning at your own pace

Ever wondered why so many people blame victims of sexual violence and abuse? Based on three years of research by Dr Jessica Taylor and the voices of over 500 survivors, professionals and members of the public, this course explores the psychological theory and the latest evidence about why and how people at every level of society place blame on the victim. Using videos, activities, quizzes and presentations, you will learn about the theories and studies underpinning our understanding of victim blaming and self blame.
Learning Objectives:
  • To explore psychological and sociological theories of victim blaming 
  • To learn about the ways people blame themselves after sexual violence 
  • To understand the latest evidence, reports and research about victim blaming and the psychology of self blame 
  • To learn about simple ways to challenge, change and influence people to reduce or stop victim blaming 
Suitable for:
Anyone with an interest in the evidence and theories of victim blaming and self blame. Members of the public, professionals and volunteers are welcome.

Also Available:
An introductory, bite-sized course on this topic is also available, taking about 2 hours to complete. 

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