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Supporting Women Subjected to Abuse or Violence who Become Pregnant or Have Children - VictimFocus Academy Online Course

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Course Description

Approximately 15-20 hours of learning at your own pace.

CPD accredited. 
Based on new research from VictimFocus and the voices of 105 women who became pregnant or had babies from rape and abuse, this course is vital for anyone working with women and girls. Using videos, activities, reading and new research evidence, this course will give you an insight into the lives and experiences of over 100 women who became pregnant or had a baby from rape.
Learning Objectives:
- To explore the stories and lived experiences of real women who became pregnant or had babies from rape
- To break down misconceptions and myths about women and girls who have terminations or decide to continue with pregnancies from rape
- To understand the psychological impact on women and how we can support them with their choices 
Suitable for:
Anyone with an interest in learning about the experiences of women who became pregnant or had babies conceived in rape or abuse. Members of the public, professionals and volunteers are welcome, but the course is about how frontline professionals can support women.