The Hypersexualisation of Children - VictimFocus Academy Online Course

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Course description

Approximately 15 hours of learning at your own pace.

CPD accredited.

A frank and honest look at the way our cultures, media and norms seek to sexualise and objectify children right from birth. This course will use videos, lectures, reading, presentations and activities to provide learning about the explanations and impact of hyper-sexualisation and objectification of children.
Learning Objectives:
- To explore examples and origins of sexualisation and objectification of children aged 0-17 years old 
- To learn about the theories, explanations and research exploring the sexualisation of children 
- To understand the impact of sexualisation and objectification on professional practice, children's justice and children's rights 
Suitable for:
Anyone with an interest in the evidence and theories of the deliberate sexualisation of children in society. Professionals, volunteers and members of the public, are welcome.

Introductory course: