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Trauma, Abuse and Gender Roles - VictimFocus Academy Online Course

Trauma, Abuse and Gender Roles - VictimFocus Academy Online Course

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Course Description
Approximately 15-20 hours of learning
at your own pace

How do the social gender roles prescribed to us all change the way people perceive our trauma and abuse? How is the abuse of women seen as different from the abuse of men? This course takes a look at the way men and boys, and women and girls will receive different responses and support with their trauma and abuse experiences purely based on social norms and gender role stereotypes. 
Learning Objectives:
  • To learn about the theories of gender role socialisation and gender stereotypes that affect the perception of victims of abuse and trauma 
  • To explore research evidence and study findings about the way men and boys are perceived as victims of sexual and domestic abuse versus the way women and girls are perceived
  • To take a frank look at the way gender roles change the mental health and trauma support given to men and women (and boys and girls) - and how we can combat the sexism in our trauma and abuse services 

Why use VictimFocus Learning Academy?

VictimFocus Learning Academy courses are a brilliant asset to help any professionals working with trauma. Expand your knowledge and skill base with a multitude of peer reviewed, CPD accredited courses. Our topics cover a wide range of issues that may affect people working in a lot of different industries. If you work for the following you may find some of the courses useful:
      - Police
      - Healthcare
      - Social care
      - Education 
      - Child care 
      - Therapists
      - Psychiatrists
      - Professionals working with trauma

Our mission is to challenge victim blaming across the globe. We believe in a trauma informed medical model and continue to change, challenge and influence.
Together we can make a difference!

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