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Trauma-informed and Strengths-based Practice for Professionals - VictimFocus Academy Online Course

Trauma-informed and Strengths-based Practice for Professionals - VictimFocus Academy Online Course

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Course Description
Approximately 15-20 hours of CPD accredited learning at your own pace  

Tired of the deficit model working? The constant hopelessness and dull interventions with clients who have been subjected to trauma or abuse? This course provides different ways of working and understanding traumatised children and adults - so you can work with their strengths, change the way you write and think about them and so you can support people in a way that helps them to understand trauma and to see their own strengths beyond the abuse.
Learning Objectives:
  • To explore what is really meant by trauma-informed and strengths-based practice with adults and children who have been subjected to trauma and abuse 
  • To learn about research evidence and theories that encourage us to focus on the strengths and futures of the people we work with
  • To change the way we think about people with histories of cumulative trauma in order to reduce stigma, labelling, victim blaming and shame

Why use VictimFocus Learning Academy?

VictimFocus Learning Academy courses are a brilliant asset to help any professionals working with trauma. Expand your knowledge and skill base with a multitude of peer reviewed, CPD accredited courses. Our topics cover a wide range of issues that may affect people working in a lot of different industries. If you work for the following you may find some of the courses useful:
      - Police
      - Healthcare
      - Social care
      - Education 
      - Child care 
      - Therapists
      - Psychiatrists
      - Professionals working with trauma

Our mission is to challenge victim blaming across the globe. We believe in a trauma informed medical model and continue to change, challenge and influence.
Together we can make a difference!

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    Our learners say:
    This has been a fascinating expansion on work I’ve already been doing to be more trauma informed in my practice. The language we use and assumptions we make can have such an impact on people if we don’t work in a trauma informed way. As professionals we are gifted with the opportunity of making someone’s life better, and yet actually we are also in danger of making them feel so much worse.

    The course has highlighted how policies and procedures, alongside research which is taken out of context, can be damaging to an individual, and may mean we lose sight of them as a person if they are in danger of becoming a statistic.

    The video on ACEs was eye opening, and although I’ve never seen the benefit of making assumptions about another human, I am horrified that some agencies have taken this as a predictive model. The discussions on models in general was also important, because it highlighted that humans aren’t a one size fits all. It’s validating to know that so much of how I work is already trauma informed but I know I can still do better, especially if it means challenging others in their practice too. Thank you.

    D.E.E., Mental Health Professional. UK

    The course has been of amazing value to me personally and professionally. It has enabled me to further explore and develop my trauma informed and strengths-based practice. Personally, in my own recovery from abuse and trauma it has reaffirmed that I am experiencing normal trauma responses which has helped me personally to feel less alone or ‘alien’ in it, it has been reassuring to self.  Additionally, in terms of my professional life it also has been powerful to learn further about the normalisation of trauma responses and how different an experience of professional services that victims of abuse and other traumas could have if we all adopted a trauma informed practice.

    Overall, the course has been able to meet with me both personally and professionally. It has extreme value to all areas of my life and I would highly recommend it. It has definitely made a positive impact. There has been much learning and reflection that has taken place which will enable me to become a better trauma informed practitioner and also more kind to myself in my own process.
     Anon, UK 
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