VictimFocus Academy Online Course - Trauma-informed and Strengths-based Practice for Professionals

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Released September 2020


Course Description
Approximately 15-20 hours of learning at your own pace
Tired of the deficit model working? The constant hopelessness and dull interventions with clients who have been subjected to trauma or abuse? This course provides different ways of working and understanding traumatised children and adults - so you can work with their strengths, change the way you write and think about them and so you can support people in a way that helps them to understand trauma and to see their own strengths beyond the abuse.
Learning Objectives:
- To explore what is really meant by trauma-informed and strengths-based practice with adults and children who have been subjected to trauma and abuse 
- To learn about research evidence and theories that encourage us to focus on the strengths and futures of the people we work with
- To change the way we think about people with histories of cumulative trauma in order to reduce stigma, labelling, victim blaming and shame 
Suitable for:
Anyone with an interest in exploring a different way of working with adults and children who have been abused or traumatised. Members of the public, professionals and volunteers are welcome, but the course talks specifically about practice and support roles.