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VictimFocus Academy Unlimited Access to All Courses For One Year £349.00

VictimFocus Academy Unlimited Access to All Courses For One Year £349.00

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Pay here for your unlimited access to ALL VictimFocus Academy courses for one year!

Are you looking for a new and challenging series of trauma informed online courses?

Become a trauma informed expert with VictimFocus Academy Unlimited Access! 

Benefit from:

  • 12 months unlimited access to VictimFocus Accredited Distance Learning
  • Over £1500 worth of online courses 
  • 80-160 hours of learning
  • CPD accredited courses
  • Peer reviewed evidence, theories, practice examples, case studies and videos
  • Learning at your own pace from anywhere in the world
  • Becoming a trauma informed expert on a broad range of topics

All this for only £349!

All courses have been written by Dr Jessica Taylor to include peer reviewed evidence, theories, practice examples, case studies and videos. 

Become a trauma informed expert on the following topics:

The Hypersexualisation of Children

  • Exploring examples and origins of sexualisation and objectification of children aged 0-17 years old 
  • Learning about the theories, explanations and research exploring the sexualisation of children 
  • Understanding the impact of sexualisation and objectification on professional practice, children's justice and children's rights 

Critical Perspectives of Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

  • Exploring the way the definitions of child sexual exploitation and abuse developed and evolved
  • Considering the way language changes the way we perceive victims of CSE and CSA
  • Exploring research and practice evidence in CSE and CSA

Trauma-Informed and Strength-Based Practice for Professionals

  • Exploring what is really meant by trauma-informed and strengths-based practice with adults and children who have been subjected to trauma and abuse 
  • Learning about research evidence and theories that encourage us to focus on the strengths and futures of the people we work with
  • Changing the way we think about people with histories of cumulative trauma in order to reduce stigma, labelling, victim blaming and shame

Trauma, Abuse and Gender Roles

  • Learning about the theories of gender role socialisation and gender stereotypes that affect the perception of victims of abuse and trauma 
  • Exploring research evidence and study findings about the way men and boys are perceived as victims of sexual and domestic abuse versus the way women and girls are perceived
  • Looking at the way gender roles change the mental health and trauma support given to men and women (and boys and girls) - and how we can combat the sexism in our trauma and abuse services 

Psychology of Victim Blaming and Self Blame

  • Exploring psychological and sociological theories of victim blaming 
  • Learning about the ways people blame themselves after sexual violence 
  • Understanding the latest evidence, reports and research about victim blaming and the psychology of self blame 
  • Learning about simple ways to challenge, change and influence people to reduce or stop victim blaming 

The Impact of Pornography and Mass Media on Domestic and Sexual Violence

  • Exploring the most common trends and features in pornography and sexualised mass media 
  • Learning the theories and to read research evidence about the influence of porn and sexualisation in the mass media affecting the way people perceive rape, abuse and violence 
  • Exploring case studies of domestic and sexual violence in which porn or sexualised mass media has played a role 
  • Exploring collections of real world examples of media that supports or sexualises abuse and violence

Supporting Women Subjected to Abuse or Violence who Became Pregnant or Have Children

  • Exploring the stories and lived experiences of real women who became pregnant or had babies from rape
  • Breaking down misconceptions and myths about women and girls who have terminations or decide to continue with pregnancies from rape
  • Understanding the psychological impact on women and how we can support them with their choices 

Supporting Survivors of Abuse and Sexual Violence with Sex and Intimacy

  • Exploring research findings from new studies with people who have been subjected to abuse and sexual violence 
  • Learning about the barriers and worries people have about sex after rape and abuse 
  • Considering new ways of talking to survivors about having healthy, good, pleasurable sex after rape and abuse 

Why use VictimFocus Learning Academy?

VictimFocus Learning Academy courses are a brilliant asset to help any professionals working with trauma. Expand your knowledge and skill base with a multitude of peer reviewed, CPD accredited courses. Our topics cover a wide range of issues that may affect people working in a lot of different industries. If you work for the following you may find some of the courses useful:
      - Police
      - Healthcare
      - Social care
      - Education 
      - Child care 
      - Therapists
      - Psychiatrists
      - Professionals working with trauma

Our mission is to challenge victim blaming across the globe. We believe in a trauma informed medical model and continue to change, challenge and influence. Together we can make a difference!

Terms and conditions:

  • Your 12 month access to each course will begin after payment and when you are registered
  • Courses are built to be between 10-20 hours of learning which can be taken at any pace. This means you could complete the course within a few days or you could spread the course out over weeks or months. Learning is flexible
  • All learning is online and you will need internet access to log in to your portal and take the courses

*If you are purchasing this on behalf of someone else, kindly let us know the relevant details (including learners' name and email address) in the Notes section within Checkout. Thank you!

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