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VictimFocus TOTUS Resource

VictimFocus TOTUS Resource

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VictimFocus TOTUS Resource 
Creating a trauma-informed, anti-blaming child sexual exploitation & abuse provision through assessment, recruitment and selection
by Dr Jessica Taylor

TOTUS is a comprehensive package of resources to help child sexual exploitation and abuse services to work in a trauma-informed and anti-victim blaming approach, whilst also looking after the wellbeing and performance of staff members and management. 

Trialled with three specialist residential services for exploited and abused children aged 11-17 years old, TOTUS was developed between 2017-2019 in the UK.

TOTUS Content

Holistic tracking of the child

Reusable self-report questionnaires for children to complete and discuss in their own time, which explore their life experiences and then track self-efficacy, coping strategies, relationships, emotions and trauma responses, access to information and their perceptions of safety. Tracking sheets are included.

Perception of staff members

An assessment framework for staff members to complete separately to explore their own perception of the progress and wellbeing of the child - and whether this perception is accurate when compared with the child's self-report measure. Tracking sheets are included.

Performance and wellbeing of staff members

A regular framework for team meetings and supervision for all staff members to reflect on their own feelings, experiences and concerns at work and within casework. This framework also tracks team knowledge and training needs. Tracking sheets are included. 

Recruitment and selection of new staff members

A comprehensive framework including tailored attitudinal scales, application form questions, interview questions, case studies and scenarios to support the effective recruitment and selection of trauma-informed, child-centred and anti-blaming staff members. Ideal answers, sample answers and scoring sheets are included. 

Who is this resource suitable for?

This resource has been developed for residential care services, charities and local authority children's services which primarily support children who have been sexually exploited and sexually abused. 

How can we use this resource?

This is a one-off purchase, there are no annual or recurring costs. The resource is bought and owned by your organisation. It cannot be shared, uploaded to the internet, sold, copied or edited in any way. 

The resource is designed to be used by an entire team or residential unit. It can be used alongside other resources or frameworks as a comparison, as long as it is not cumbersome for the child and the team. No one likes double the amount of paperwork.

What do we get for the price?

  • TOTUS child tracking resource
  • TOTUS staff perception resource
  • TOTUS staff team wellbeing resource
  • TOTUS attitudinal scales for recruitment and selection of staff 
  • TOTUS sample questions, case studies and scenarios for staff  recruitment (with ideal answers and scoring)
  • TOTUS folder (hard copies of all resources)
  • TOTUS USB stick (electronic copies of all resources
  • 1 hour of consultancy/advice with Dr Jessica Taylor 

Can we ask questions or seek set-up support?

Each purchase of TOTUS includes one hour of support from Dr Jessica Taylor. You can use this hour to discuss the implementation of TOTUS, or to discuss any queries or ideas for the resource.

Are there any discounts available?

VictimFocus supports charities and small organisations. Discounts are available for registered charities.

Can we ask questions before we buy TOTUS?

Please send queries to and  we will be happy to help you.

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