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Who Am I? Exploring My Character Cards

Who Am I? Exploring My Character Cards

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VictimFocus is proud to present this new, innovative resource for 2022 

Each card contains a question or scenario that can be used alone as a self-exploration tool, or by professionals working with children (12+) and adults to help them to explore their personality, character, and values. 

The cards include interesting questions and prompts to help teens and adults discuss their strengths, character, personalities, values, approaches, and their understanding of themselves. 

The cards can also be used in support, therapy, professional and student training and education, for group work, workshops, games and team building for organisations working in relevant sectors. 

Each box of flashcards comes with a booklet and a free downloadable PDF which contains ideas of how to use the cards.

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This item is £19.99 *including the flashcards, booklet and/or the free PDF resource for professionals.


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